January 2010

Please, no more chocolate cake!

Here’s an oft-asked question: “What does Ken do in the offseason?” My common silly answer: “He bakes cakes.”

Someone tell me how I’m supposed to shed these extra holiday pounds with all this cake around the house?

Daughter brings home straight A’s? Ken bakes a celebratory cake. Son receives an acceptance letter from college of his choice? Cake. TGIF? Cake

And what do you know … there’s actually a National Chocolate Cake Day and it’s celebrated annually on January 27th in the U.S. – a day for those who love chocolate cake and other chocolately items. A perfect reason for Ken to pull out the mixer and spatula.

Ken always finds a reason to celebrate with cake – frosting them with two cans of icing, mind you, so it’s double-chocolately and double- thick. The man is one cake-eating machine.

I am forced to hold my nose to escape the tempting aroma of a cake baking in the oven for 45 minutes and I don’t want to smell the sweet icing during his careful application, lest I repeatedly dip an index finger into the gooey, yummy mess. Because doesn’t everyone think the icing on the cake is the best part? (Actually, Ken leaves most of his icing on the plate. Therefore, his double-frosting act perplexes me.)

Hurry up and get here, baseball season, so Ken can return to announcing and the oven is turned off. Not only because he needs to earn more to stock the pantry with Pillsbury cake mixes, but also because he will be immersed in his favorite sport – the one he’s forced to live without through the cold Maryland winter as the oven warms our kitchen.

Then he can have his cake and eat it, too.