Baseballs and bats which magically appear …

fans_250_051209.jpg… when Mr. Singy is near

I don’t know any magicians personally, but I have watched baseball fans pull out bats and baseballs from thin air when they stumble across Ken out in public.

After the Yankees-Orioles game in Baltimore Saturday night, a friend of a friend named Don – a devoted Orioles fan – was able to meet and shake hands with Ken after the game. We walked to our cars in the parking lot and Don (who had given me and two friends a ride to Oriole Park so I could ride home with Ken) conveniently whipped out a baseball and asked Ken to sign it. (He did not have a pen, however. Ha! An unprepared fan.

I lent him one … because a writer always has a pen.)

Although not so surprising that Don happened to have a baseball in his truck, being that he was attending a game (and probably hoping to meet hubby), over the years I cannot name how many times this very thing has happened in a non-baseball setting.

It’s amazing.

Once on my birthday, Ken and I dined out with four good friends in downtown Baltimore, and when a guy spotted Ken in the restaurant, he ran over to our table with a baseball bat to ask for an autograph.

I had to laugh and asked, “You just happened to have a baseball bat with you?” and he chuckled in return and said, “No, but I just got it for my birthday!” and as we looked over at his group of friends a few tables away, they were clearly in celebration mode.

Another time while waiting for a movie to start, Ken and I stopped for a beverage next door to the theatre and a fan spotted him. He walked over, introduced himself and whipped out two baseballs from his pockets.

Who goes to the movies with baseballs in their pockets?

And if fans don’t have a tangible thing to autograph, they make do with napkins, scraps of paper, menus, or whatever else nearby they can grab fast enough before the baseball celeb gets away.

All part of the territory – and most interesting to watch.

However, sometimes fans can cross the line a little bit. Last summer a Yankees fan ran after us on the streets of Baltimore’s Little Italy and wanted Ken to follow him back to the restaurant a block back to meet all his friends.

I stepped up to the plate. “Uh, we’re kinda on a date here?” (I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just wanted to be on a date with my husband.)
Though here’s the best one … and this is the truth: once a hospital staff employee asked Ken for an autograph at totally the inappropriate moment – while I was in labor having our first baby.

Oh boy! (And it was a boy) … if I could have pulled a bat out of thin air myself …



    Oh my, how I love your writing style. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am enthralled. I never even thought of a Mrs. Singy. I guess I knew there was one (maybe) but Ken never really talks about you on air. If he did, I apologize because I missed it.

    Please, please, PLEASE keep writing. I love it.

    Fred from PA
    (formerly a Pastor from Baltimore)

  2. jik2

    Hi, I also just stumbled onto your blog. Fun stuff!
    I actually met your husband in the parking lot of Alliance Bank Stadium in Syracuse, NY maybe three years ago. (Justin was playing for the Chiefs at the time).

    Ken had just gotten out of his car and looked, to me, as if he had just come from the golf course. I remember noticing the license plate — I won’t say what it was — thought it was interesting but didn’t really get the reference. Now I see it again in your publishing company. Is there a story there you could tell us?

    Anyway, I was thrilled to see him but had no pen, no ball, no magically appearing bat. And I really didn’t want to bother him because (as you suggest above) I figured he is routinely hounded. So I just stuck out my hand and told him I really appreciate the work he does on the YES Network. He was gracious and warm and that was the end of it.

    I’ve often wished I could have gotten a picture with him, or an autograph, but I’ll always have the story to tell, and I take comfort in knowing I didn’t pester him.

    He’s a pleasure to listen to, and I think I’m going to enjoy reading your posts as well. Thank you!

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