29 Angels

A comment posted here on Mrs. Singy by “jik2” asked if I would explain the meaning of our SUV’s license plate – 29ANGLS – which s/he once spotted in Syracuse, New York, as Ken exited from the car. (Ken had been attending a Chiefs Triple-A baseball game when our son Justin had played in the Toronto Blue Jays system.)

I never meant to confuse anyone with my vanity plate into thinking that the number 29 and the word angels corresponded to a baseball player on a Los Angeles team. It doesn’t of course; rather it’s a combination of Ken’s jersey number and my passion and belief in celestial beings. Angels decorate our lawn, our home, me, and The Angelmobile – the nickname with which I’ve christened our Nissan Armada.

It was also the name of a small business I began in 1997 when I self-published a theme gift-giving book (Clever Gift Giving) and merged our two passions to create Twenty-Nine Angels Publishing. Although I moved along after three books (also Clever Party Planning and Clever Costume Creating for Halloween), I kept the license plate because of its double and special significance.

Comical how people furrow their brows trying to figure it out – they almost never do. Even if they remember 29 was Ken’s number, they say, “Wait, he never played for the Angels.”


One guy pulled up to me at a traffic light and yelled over, “What’s 29 angles mean?” Sorry buddy, the word says angels. He drove off unaffected – or maybe not.

The clerk at Burger King the other morning as she handed me a large cup of coffee through the drive-in window asked the meaning of 29ANGLS. When I don’t wish to reveal the Singleton identity, I just explain the plate represents my favorite number and my belief in angels. This avoids a lengthy explanation – or a stalking fan. She smiled brightly and said it had made her day to think about angels.

Angels will do that to people.

Too bad Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration won’t allow eight letters on a vanity plate because then the word angels could be properly spelled out.

Oh well. Why take out all the fun of confusing people?

If I can infuse a little angel belief into humanity as I ride around in The Angelmobile adorned in angel wings and images on bumper stickers … terrific.

And if I can do this more than 29 times a day … then angel mission accomplished.

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That was quick! Thanks for the explanation.
Glad I could inspire another fun and informative blog post. (And since I never did make it clear before, it’s “he.”)

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