A boy can dream

Nine-year-old Nicholas Ziff with the nifty crew cut announced confidently to Ken at a Bernie Williams’ performance in Longboat Key, Fla., Sunday night, “One day I’m going to play first base for the New York Yankees.”

“Keep practicing, Nick,” encouraged Ken, kneeling next to him on the beach to snap a photo, as he has uttered to other little boys who have shared their dreams of playing professional baseball. Hey, you never know. A dream – of any caliber – begins with a passion, an idea and certainly a declaration. When something invades your soul, gets into your veins and plants itself permanently, there’s no reason on earth why it cannot materialize.

Little Nicholas may change his mind about playing baseball as he grows up, or maybe not. Surely many a Major Leaguer had declared the same sentence of confidence during their Little League days. Williams had the passion to play baseball and music – and has done both beautifully. Derek Jeter wanted to play shortstop for the Yankees when he was a little boy, just like Nicholas – and we know the rest of that story. Ken knew his baseball future at age five.

With enough diligence and hard work, dreams can transform into reality. Anything can begin with a strong affirmation. If Nick repeats that sentence enough times, and believes in his baseball talent and the ability to make it happen … mark his words. Maybe one day we will see Nicholas Ziff, a Yankees fan from Sarasota, playing first base in Yankee Stadium.

It’s all about holding the vision. Keep practicing, Nicholas – and keep affirming your dream.



Aww! That is the cutest picture! You have the love the confidence! That kid is off to a great start! (It almost looks like he has the start of a Swish Hawk!)

Bernie in Longboat Key! That had to be special. . and worth a road trip! Wish I had! Bernie will be in CT in October. It will be my fourth time seeing him, and hopefully will partake in the meet and greet. My first show, I met Bernie. I was incredibly witty and composed. I said. . “You’re Bernie Williams!!” I am sure he remembers it too! 🙂

Great article! I have been in the presence of this adorable child several times, and I do believe that one day he WILL play first base for the New York Yankees. He absolutely has what it takes, even at the young age of nine. Good for you Nicholas! And congratulations to his family for raising such a strong, confident child.

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