Before there was Ken

Clean confessions of a baseball-fan-turned-baseball-wife

As Ken and I celebrate our 18th year of marriage on October 11, I can’t help but remember once upon a baseball time in my pre-Ken Singleton days ….

? Once I made myself slurp down raw oysters – which I loathe – with Brooks Robinson at a museum fundraiser in Baltimore when I worked for a video production company. This was after I had interviewed him for his reaction about the fundraising party. I still hate raw oysters.

? Once I was a common fan in the upper deck of Memorial Stadium screaming along with the other 52,000 beer-filled fans … “C’mon Ken! Hit it in the bullpen!

? Once a friend, Bob, pretended he was Oriole Rich Dauer as we exited Memorial Stadium long after most fans had left. Those still waiting outside for players’ autographs surrounded him after another friend with our group had shouted, “Hey, it’s Rich Dauer!” Stupidly, Bob signed their programs and balls; to this day I cringe thinking how they believed his authenticity (or stupidity?) Please know I would never fake Ken’s signature on an autograph item (although I can script it perfectly).

? Once my friend dated the late Todd Cruz when he played for the Orioles. I was in awe (okay, jealous) of the fact that she had attracted a Major Leaguer.

? Once in my early 20s at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, a friend and I (in “happy” state), slid from the tippy-top to the very bottom of a long, smooth metal partition between the escalators. I sported the largest, deepest purplish bruise ever (top of left hip to outside of left knee) as my side thumped extremely hard against the bottom base. It’s a good thing I couldn’t feel much after that baseball game (and that I didn’t yet know Ken to have to explain the bruise!).

? Once during my lunch hour when I worked for a bank in downtown Baltimore, I stood in a long line to meet and greet Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken Jr. I didn’t want autographs, though; instead I asked each for a kiss. (And nowadays do not prefer when female autograph hounds manhandle my husband.)

? Once I chatted with Ripken Jr. at a nightclub called Christopher’s when he first played for the Orioles – before I knew him. Poor Cal now can’t step foot outside of his home without being barraged by fans.

? Once in 1985 when I worked in Employee Communications at Maryland National Bank, I interviewed Ken Singleton for our company newspaper when he played for the Orioles. I still have that edition of the paper, and the rest is history …


I wouldn’t slurp no oyster for nobody! LOL. Nice blog again Mrs. Singy. I presure Ken is now home for the post season since YES doesn’t do any of the games. Enjoy the off season and I hope you check in once in a while.


Love your Blog. Congrat to you and your husband on your new grandson….Jax very cool name. Enjoy your time they grow so fast. Kat :):)

Congrats on the birth of your new grandson. Jax what a very cool name! Enjoy your time with him they grow so fast. Kat

Yes that is a cool name Jax! He’ll be swinging a bat sometime soon.. .I’m sure!

Buz –

Thanks, Chris … even with Brooks Robinson you wouldn’t slurp oysters? C’mon …

And “Kat” and “Buz” – thanks for your nice notes as well on Little Singy! Who knows what he’ll grow up to be. Anything is possible!

Mrs. Singy

Just for the record, your husband is the voice of reason on Yankees broadcasts. He keeps Michael Kay in check, which is not easy to do. Congratulations on your grandson and God bless you and your family.

Nope sorry, not for Brooks even. Although maybe for Heather Locklear…

Back in the 80’s, my kids had 3 goldfish, Cal, Eddie and Kenny. All 3 of them Baltimore Orioles, forever.
I remember old Memorial Stadium with fond memories. ’83 World Series. I enjoy your insights.

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